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Born in the northern wilderness of British Columbia in 1952 and raised in a series of small towns all over the province, David grew up as the classic ‘country boy’ spending his time exploring the woods, fishing small streams and sharing time with a tight group of very close friends from neighboring farms. This humble rural beginning cultured a keen appreciation of his environment and a burning need to understand the world around him.

Like many children, a persistent curiosity paired with his innate predisposition for science caused David to ask endless questions about what things were, how they worked and why they were, the way they were.

He began to closely monitor and observe objects and processes in his surroundings, leading him to often ‘see’ or perceive aspects of nature that his friends and most adults failed to notice.

At 23 years of age, while working in northern BC as a technician in the telecommunications industry, David purchased his first real camera; a German Rolleiflex SL35 SLR with an assortment of Zeiss lenses to go with it. It was love at first sight.

David and his new camera were inseparable and though analog film was expensive to process and left days, weeks or even months between when the shot was taken and the results observed, the seeds of an avid amateur photographer were sown.

In his late twenties, as he struggled with his career path, a challenging new marriage and a bit of an identity crisis, David was struck dumb one fine day when he came to the exhilarating realization that the thing he loved doing most was taking pictures and if he applied himself to one more ‘kick at the cat’ he might just find a career that incorporated his favorite hobby, thereby killing 2 birds with 1 stone!!!

A year later, after some strategic night courses and adult education training locally in BC, he enrolled in the AV Production program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton. This was much more than a photography course in that it included a variety of ancillary activities all aimed at producing the next Martin Scorsese.

The highlight of the program was a full-time, full credit photography course that transformed our intrepid pupil from a rank amateur to a rank amateur with a bright future.

David learned the principles of composition, the chemistry of film and darkroom techniques, the physics of light and many other valuable aspects of the magic that results in capturing compelling imagery.

Fast forward now to 2010 when David finally gave up his long held belief that “nothing will ever equal the subtle qualities of film” because it was now abundantly clear to even the most Ludditic holdout that digital cameras and digital images had come of age! One was now free to shoot hundreds, thousands, why not tens of thousands of images with the instant gratification of deleting the bad ones immediately, never having to take credit for producing such unacceptable results!!! It was a renaissance; ushering in a new era of freedom, resulting in a tsunami of creativity and an abundance of ‘shutterbuggery’!!

As with any discipline, practice makes perfect (or as near as one dare declare). With several hundred thousand images to his name, David is now really closing in on the essence of his muse. He has come to realize that his particular passion lies in the quirky realms of backlight and juxtaposition.

Backlight is a bit offbeat because any photography instructor that knows an f-stop from a bus stop, will tell you not to shoot into your light source, but with a soupcon of care and attention to detail, some very dramatic, graphic effects can be produced. Juxtaposition, is odd by nature because it is both specific, in that it is defined as two or more ‘things’ in an image that don’t match while also being in-specific in that it could be ANY two or more things!!

Today, David is consistently producing some of his finest work. Though still very much involved in his career as a Construction Manager in Telecommunications, he is in the process of laying the groundwork for the next phase of his life, which he believes will be a transition whereby photography becomes more than just a fascinating and fulfilling hobby.

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