How COVID-19 Is Affecting Photography

There were a lot of changes taking place because of the COVID pandemic, and most people and companies were trying to adapt to these changes. When it comes to the work we handle, while the editing and production can be delayed for later, most of it is done in person. At the start of the pandemic, most people were not open to leaving their homes, let alone coming into a studio so we were finding it challenging to get anything done. We were done with the projects that we were working on and spent some time working on the editing.

There were a lot of changes taking place, and one of them that we found easy to work with was that we started with outdoor shoots. The primary purpose was that people were not as close to one another, which made everyone feel safer about the pandemic and the changes that they were making. People were maintaining some form of social distance so they could be safe from the spreading Coronavirus.

If we predict the changes taking place, we think things will eventually get better, but we might have to rough it out for some time. With travel being so restricted these days, people turn to travel photography to “take them away” to foreign lands and people. We cannot travel as easily now as we were in the past, leisure travel is not even a consideration, with supplies and other significantly more essential commodities put on hold due to the rules. We were forced to turn to individualized and highly local travel to capture the ‘wonders’ we have been looking past right in our backyards for so long.

We had to change some of the forms of communication that we were handling to get through the process but adapting to it was quite a regular tradeoff. We were spending more time talking to people over the phone as opposed to meeting them in person. We were also coming up with new concepts that would impress our clients.

I worked remotely for a year and a half, and I’m avoiding human contact as much as possible. Fortunately, most of the work we handle does not have many elements of contact with humans, so adjusting to the changes was not as difficult as it might be for many others. The upside is no commute, but the downside is I’m ALWAYS at work. Remote working meant that I was getting a lot done at home, but also meant I did not have any personal time. I spent most of my time working, and even if I decided to stop and handle something else, I would get a call asking me to get something done. It could be a bit challenging sometimes. 

I decided that I would retire in a few months to live aboard my boat. That would be a bit of a change, but that also means no more “remote work” for me and getting everything done in person whenever possible.

Everyone in the company I work for is working from home, and our productivity is up 15% over pre-COVID. There are personal challenges like not making time for their own families, but they are getting better at their work, and as a whole, we are all happy with the progress of one another. There were a few elements of the past that we could keep constant, and we did not make any changes to those. We are still getting as much done within the time previously allocated as we always were and haven’t made any changes yet. Overall, I work all the time, and I’m looking forward to retiring early next year.

We are not open to meeting people in person yet because there are chances of catching the virus, so I’d rather avoid contact as much as possible until this thing is over. However, I prefer having meetings via video conference. I use software my clients are comfortable working with, but they have to be well known, like Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp, among a few others. We would like to take part in virtual public events and Business Expos.

I am getting very anxious to exercise my prerogative and disappear into the wilds of the Northwest coast, the Northwest coast of British Columbia. The pandemic was challenging for many, with the information we got through the process not making it easier for any of us to process, nor was it working well for my anxiety.

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